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Accommodation Cortona Holiday Rental in Tuscany

Accommodation Cortona Rental Apartment in a Country HouseThis time I want to test the effectiveness of x5 Website in the creation of a multilingual website.

The program guide shows various strategies for creating a multilingual site, ranging from an introductory page with the various flags to other systems that I invite you to read and test.

I chose to place the different versions into folders, starting from English which will be the default language of the site and placing it in the domain root, while other versions will be installed in sub-folders (for instance the Italian version will be in the IT folder, the Dutch one in that NL and so on).

Generally my advice is to register a domain name for each language, so you can reach yourself each site through thematic links from sites and portals of their respective countries, and I do not recommend to use the CMS like joomla and wordpress as they are quite complicated to set up, and to avoid duplicate content issues.

The site in question is from a client who runs a Farm in Cortona, in the province of Arezzo Tuscany.

The structure is very beautiful and is the result of the restoration of an ancient monastery, which now maintains the taste and style of traditional Tuscany.

The farm Novole consists of several accommodation cottages and apartments for rent, a few kilometers from Cortona and Lake Trasimeno and is located in a scenic area surrounded by greenery which dominates the whole valley.

The house offers rental room, apartment, an a country house or villa in average prices and offers last minute deals throughout the year. For more informations or 388 6081730

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